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Judicial Reports

In Ohio, all foreclosure actions against real estate must be supported by title insurance documents known as Judicial Reports. Foreclosing plaintiffs must identify, name, and serve all parties whom have an interest in the property. Judicial Reports do just that. However, each county in Ohio and Kentucky may have local rules which alter the format and structure of Judicial Reports. Omega is familiar with them all.

Each county has specific requirements. Omega knows them all.”

Judicial Reports reflect the name of the record owner, a legal description of the parcel of land, and a listing of all interests in the property that appear of record. Ohio Revised Code Section 2329 requires different reports throughout the pendency of the foreclosure:


Preliminary Judicial Report

Filed at the time of the foreclosure complaint

Updated (or Supplemental) Reports

Filed at any point during the foreclosure to update the court on changes to the property

Final Judicial Report

Filed with the Plaintiff’s dispositive motion, showing the final status of the property prior to judgment and foreclosure sale