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Sale By Owner

We at Omega Title Agency, LLC recommend working with a professional realtor when selling your home; however, if you’re committed to selling your own home, we can be a helpful resource for you. We are fully equipped to walk you through the process and ensure your transaction goes off without a hitch!
Please understand that the employees of Omega Title Agency, LLC are not permitted to answer legal questions, give legal advice or answer questions on how to fill out the forms included in this kit.
The information needed to get started with your For Sale by Owner transaction has been included in this package.

  • We will provide you with a Commitment for Title Insurance.
  • We will prepare all closing documents needed to complete your transaction.
  • Our experienced staff will work with you to close when you want to close. We’ll meet you at home, work, or anywhere else that is convenient for you.

If you have any questions regarding the information and forms or if you would like to schedule your closing, please contact us at 330.436.6700 or

Take some time to look at some resources that we have made available to you. We may reference these items during the process as well.

Addendum to Purchase Agreement

Cancellation Agreement and Mutual Release

Closing Instructions

Contract for the Sale and Purchase of Real Estate

Residential Property Disclosure

Mortgage Payoff Request

Ohio Home Sale Package

Lead Based Paint Disclosure

Sellers Recipt of Accepted Counter Offer